Anti Wrinkle Injections Yarm

Magari Clinics is the perfect place for anti-wrinkle injections in Yarm. At Magari Clinics we help you combat the signs of aging and achieve youthful-looking skin. Skin loses elasticity as it ages but our highly trained medical professionals can help you achieve smoother skin through prescription anti-wrinkle treatments such as Botox. Botox, for example, is a popular option for smoothing lines around the mouth and eyes as well as on the forehead.

At Magari Clinics we are passionate about making people feel better in themselves and for many this encompasses reducing the appearance of wrinkles with anti-wrinkle treatments administered by our medical professionals at our Yarm clinic.

Our anti-wrinkle injections are offered on a prescription-only basis. As a prescription medication you will not see advertisements for our anti-wrinkle injections. Instead we offer a consultation were we decide whether there is a treatment which is a match for you.

At Magari Clinics we have the highest standards of expertise and knowledge and can answer all your questions in a preliminary consultation. We use the consultation to make sure that we find the right treatment for you and can discuss everything from how the procedure works, the results and your specific circumstance such as medical history and allergies to ensure you receive the best, safest, and most effective treatment.


The product used is a prescription-only medication and can’t be advertised by law, which is why you won’t see the name of the product on this website nor any ‘before and after’ photos.

Very small amounts of this drug are placed in to the muscles with a very fine needle, at very specific points. Over the course of 2 weeks, the drug slowly develops a barrier, blocking the signals from your brain from getting through. It doesn’t change your muscle; it just stops it from moving. It helps to stop you from creating lines when you frown, squint or raise your eyes brows on the upper face and can also be used in the lower face. For example, for the prevention of ‘bunny lines’ caused when you ‘scrunch-up’ your nose. It can also be used to treat a ‘sad’/down-turned mouth or to relax the muscles in your chin to prevent a ‘pebble effect’. Another common lower face treatment is for a ‘gummy smile’ to relax the muscles which pull up your upper lip. For some people, they feel that this results in too much of their gums being on show when they smile.

Another popular treatment involves placing this product in to your masseter muscles. People often use this treatment to slim down a ‘square jaw’ or to relax this muscle to prevent habits like jaw-clenching or teeth-grinding.

Also, if you suffer from excess sweating under your arms (known as ‘hyperhidrosis’) then the product can also be placed directly in to the area to stop the sweating.

Over the course of around 12 weeks (or up to 6 months for hyperhidrosis treatments), the signals from your brain will eventually get back through and reconnect with the muscles where full movement will return although how long it lasts really depends on the individual. Metabolism, lifestyle factors, hormones, level of exercise, medications and so on all effect the longevity of this treatment.

Most people will find that, if they keep on top of this treatment every 12 weeks, they do eventually get longer out of it as the body becomes accustomed.

No treatment is 100% safe but this is generally considered to be a very straight forward procedure with minimal down time and minimal risk when in the hands of a qualified professional.

It is not necessary and would be ineffective with this treatment.

Everyone’s pain thresholds are completely different but this is generally well-tolerated. Some say it doesn’t hurt at all and others report a slight ‘stinging’ sensation at certain points.

If you have ever had an anaphylactic reaction to anything (IE, experiencing chest pains, difficulty breathing, swollen mouth/tongue etc) then we would need to discuss this further during your consultation. Depending on the history of your allergy, it is likely that we could proceed with caution. The procedure is a localised one and the risk of allergy is very low.

The most likely side-effects that you’re going to experience are some bruising and potentially a temporary headache. Other, less likely side-effects would be discussed during your consultation.

Absolutely. It’s vital to discuss your medical history to ensure that you are receiving the safest and most effective treatment. As this product requires a prescription, a separate consultation will need to be done so that your product can be ordered from one of our UK-based reputable pharmacies for next working day delivery.

Yes. A £40 deposit is required to secure all bookings. This is refundable if you decide not to have treatment following your consultation and will be paid back to you within 24 hours. If you have agreed to go ahead with treatment and the product has been ordered, you will lose your deposit.

No. You cannot have any treatments if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.