Profhilo – What is it?

This treatment is relatively new to the industry but it has quickly become a very popular choice for aesthetic practitioners and clients all over the world.

It is a pure hyaluronic acid product, placed very superficially under the skin using a needle at specific points. The areas we offer treatments for are on the face and the neck. Profhilo is not a dermal filler, but the possible side-effects and down-time are similar. Please see our dermal filler section for more information.

2 separate treatments are required for each area, which are done 4 weeks apart. Very occasionally, a third treatment may be required, depending on your body’s response.

After that, maintenance is required. At first, 1 syringe every 3 months is recommended or you can wait 6 months and have the 2 treatments done again.

We are excited to announce that Profhilo have now released their new body protocols and we can now offer treatment for ageing/sagging skin to the following areas:

Face / Neck / Decolletage / Arms and Elbows / Stomach / Hands / Knees

Who Is It For?

It’s for anyone starting to notice or anyone already bothered by ageing/sagging skin. It’s great for treating skin laxity whilst also boosting and hydrating the skin.